New posts after short break – learning SQL

I decided to develop myself and learn SQL what I believe is a desired skill for Revenue Analysts. Therefore I will not be able to analyze any new article for the next two weeks.

Afterwards, I will create and post some procedures (SQL code with explanation) that will help your hotel in accessing and analyzing data from your Property Management System.

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Application of Customer Value Management in hotel industry

Customers play an important role in most of the businesses. Satisfying their needs is the key to achieve success in nowadays competitive business environment and it was enough to build long lasting relationship with customers. However, XXI century and therefore wide access to information changed the way customers perceive their obligations toward firms. It is said that in most of the branches customer loyalty doesn’t exist. This is only partially true as loyalty exists but it is not as easily achieved as it was before. Retaining customers require a lot of effort and investment. Therefore, the challenge that companies has is to assess whether retaining existing customer will not be more expensive than actually finding a new one. In order to do so, companies needs to analyze the value of different groups of customers and use this knowledge to devise marketing strategy. Such a process is usually called Customer Value Management.

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